Marseillan, France



Enjoy the subtle harmony of Noilly Prat & Gastronomy in a private bar. Explore your 5 senses!

You will pause in the incredible Enclos where we will unveil our special feature: the maturation of certain wines in an immense open air cellar. Then you will be given exceptional access to our Hall of Secrets where you will learn about the famous “dodinage”, when plants and spices reveal their full aromas in the wine. A tasting of the Noilly Prat® Expressions as well as perfect serve, served in a private area specially opened for you, will bring the tour to a close. Regional appetizers will be served as accompaniments to this sublime fusion of food and Noilly Prat® vermouth. Explore your 5 senses.

Adult: €30.00
Duration: 120 minutes

Tour program

  • Explore Experience
  • Guided tasting of the ageing wines of L’Enclos Sainte Anne
  • Guided tasting of the whole Noilly Prat collection in the Basalte bar
  • L’Apéritif on Ice Demonstration & Tasting with food pairing
  • Mixology & Gastronomy brochures